I bought the premium features, but now they're gone, help!

Tim Shadel -

First, you definitely won't need to pay again. This usually happens when you switch phones, or restore from a backup. Getting the premium features to you is pretty easy.

  1. Just tap the clock on the main screen (bottom right). It will bring up the purchase screen.
  2. In the lower left you'll see "Restore". Tap that.
  3. Give Apple your iTunes login, you won't be charged for anything.
  4. When it's done, it should unlock everything for you.

If that doesn't work, contact support and we'll get you to the next step.

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    Sylvia Melecio
    Does not work. Under my name it says "free features with ads"--when I do the "restore purchase" it asks for password which I enter and it does not work; when I hit "unlock now" it wants to charge again.
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    Greg Paige

    This is exactly the same issue in having!!

    When I do the "restore purchase" it asks for password which I enter and it does not enable premium features; when I hit "unlock now" it says I can get it again for free, but never unlocks the premium features when I select ok!

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    I just purchased the upgrade, and my account has been charged, but I still do not have access to the features. I have tried closing out, deleting, re-downloading, restarting, and have tried pressing "Already purchased on this or another device?" (it doesn't do anything). Mine also says "Free features with ads".

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