I use Facebook to login to MyFitnessPal, how do I connect?

Tim Shadel -

While you always use Facebook to login to MFP, they do let you setup a password as well so that you can login from Waterlogged—even if you never use it. To setup a password in MFP:

  1. Go to MyFitnessPal
  2. Your username is shown in the top area as “Hi, username”. Write that down.
  3. Click on Settings, over to the right of you username.
  4. Click Change Password at the top of the list on the left hand side.
  5. Set your password.

That should get you a MyFitnessPal password you can use in Waterlogged! If that doesn't work, contact support and we'll see what the next steps could be for you.

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    Having trouble logging my MyFitnessPal details from within waterlogged?

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    how do i link to fitness pal and fitbit.. some instructions would be useful

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