Getting Started, pt.1 or Log Your First Drink

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Getting Started

Part One: Log Your First Drink

Congratulations!  You have taken a step toward getting and staying hydrated.  Now that you have this shiny new app on your iPhone, how do you use it?  Follow along with the pictures to become acquainted with the app.


When you open the app for the first time, it will ask you about using your location WHILE YOU USE THE APP.  Select ALLOW or DON'T ALLOW.

note: We do not collect this data.  It is used to give you a local weather report on the front page.



To log a drink, simply tap the empty bottle. 


Here you can either select a pre-loaded bottle that matches your container's volume or tap "More choices".


Time to customize!  After picking a container, select a fraction of a bottle, indicate a beverage type (the app will calculate the water content for you), or change to the "Volume" tab to enter an exact volume (ounces, milliliters, or liters).  Hit save to complete logging the drink.



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    This article did not  lead me to my bottle so I could log my intake.  It just put me into FAQ's without helping me start my bottle for the day.


    Dolores Dinneen

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